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Update January 19th:  Update...
Part 1 of 2 of the documentary is now available in the "Download" section. The audio gets out of sync by about 1/3rd of a second later in the film, but isn't that noticeable in the Flash version. It's odd: the MPEG and DVDs are in sync just fine; but any effort to cross-encode them messes up. It's very frustrating, as I can only tell if its off once the process is finished... wasting yet more of my hours.

I don't think that Part 2 will be up by this weekend. Not with the kinds of troubles I've been facing. Premiere alone, %#!$@!# up constantly, is probably going to waste days. The problems I had in rendering v.0.8 aren't anywhere near this magnitude.

Update January 19th:  I see the light....
Well, it finally managed to render a "master" for the first of the two part documentary. It took me staying up until 5AM over the last few nights to get it done. So now I have a massive MPEG-2 file which is of high quality. I have a DVD ready. What's causing problems now is the conversion to XViD. The audio gets out-of-sync at some point late in the movie. *sigh*

Speaking of which, I found out the problem with Premiere: when you deal with big projects, it doesn't like images. By "big projects", I mean the program had problems when there were only 10 video clips and 10 images involved.  I noticed that images with large filesizes were particularly problematic, but lowering the resolution doesn't always fix the issue.

Update January 18th: 
"Interesting" is how I could best describe the last four days. I've been plagued with a whole sleuth of technical problems, the main one being with Premiere. Hours into the rendering, it'll just stop for no apparent reason. No errors, no freezing - just stops. I've cut up the documentary in multiple sub-sections that I'll stich back up together. Hopefully, that'll solve the issue. What it does mean, however, is that the process has taken alot longer than I would of wanted to. It took many hours of tinkering and testing with Premiere to try to get it to render properly before arriving at the point I'm at now.

Among other issues I've been having: my main USB hub stops at random intervals, as does my mouse, a piece fell off my case (the USB hub in the case itself fell apart when I took another device that stopped responding out.) Then there's the non-rendering issues associated with Premiere. It crashing in the final stages of putting things together, corrupting the whole project. There are the other random crashes and freeze-ups.

ANYWAYS, if this rendering run *works*, I should have "Part 1" of the two part documentary up by tomorrow night. The second part should be up by Sunday at the latest. I apologize for the delay.

Update January 14th: 
Hey everyone! Release date hopefully tomorrow. It's all rendering as we speak. Worse comes to worse, the availability of the downloads might have to be pushed until Tuesday (the 16th.) Ah, the joy of the final *push.*

Update October 22nd: Downloads Offline
There won't be any video on this website until the January 15th release of RC1.0. Yes, the film is still in the works. It's in somewhat of a lull right now pending certain events to occur, but it is hardly abandonned.

What's out right now, however, does not reflect the final product. Until the release of the final cut, I don't want to misrepresent the film by perpetuating the availability of the pre-release edition. As such, I will not make available any film from this website until January 15th.

Update September 5th: Update
A few things to announce. For one, it looks like I'm going to ditch the original pre-release of the documentary. I'm going to keep all the original footage, but will make a new release from scratch. Why? Well, its to address the consistent criticisms I received.

The first main criticism was that the film was too tedious to watch. It's a fair argument; there sure is alot of material in there for people to digest. Whereas I originally treated this film more as a university lecture for those interested in the subject at hand, I will now make it more in-line to the other documentaries out there.  The interviews will be cut down in length.

I will eliminate the cut-cut-cut interview style I had. Originally, this was done as a stylistic measure, a la RantTV. However, alot of people were turned off by this, instead accusing me of falsifying the opinions of my guest. That's absurd of course. However, it is easier to start off the editing from scratch than to repiece it all together in Premiere due to technical issues.

I will remove the music, except for the opening and end credits. Easily done.

I will conduct a few more interviews. The most vital one is the pro-DRM stance. I also need to shoot another interview with a band: the original material I had with the Amanda Rheaume band was too poor in audiovisual quality.

So there you have it. I'm hoping to have the final render out by December... A far cry from my original release date. But hey, what can you do. In other news, I'm back from San Jose, where I did a talk on piracy along with an incredible bunch.

Update July 29th:  Back from HOPE
Well, I'm back from HOPE. What a spectacular conference! It was virtually a "who's who" of the slightly-subversive computer world. I met Richard Stallman, the people who lead No Starch Press, attend panels about Project Guttenberg and public domain eBooks. Naturally, there were quite a few nutters as well.

In the "holy fook that's awesome" department, the panel I held with Jason Scott got mentionned in Computer World.

Update July 16th:  HOPE & 100,000 Milestone
A few updates to bring to you. First off, from July 21-23rd, I'll be in New York City over at the sixth HOPE conference. I'll be giving a talk there along with Jason Scott (director of the excellent BBS Documentary) on underground documentaries.

Then I'm off in early August to San Jose, where I will be part of a working group on Piracy in the Pacific Rim. Of course I can't financially afford any of this - but I can't afford to miss it either.

In other news, this domain has finally surpassed the 100,000 unique visits milestone. Thanks to you all. And yes, the movie is still being worked on.  :-)

 Update June 28th: A long overdue update...
You may have noticed that this month has been somewhat sparse for updates.  My apologies; and I'm pleased to inform you that there has been some progress.

On the Celsius Studios side of things, everything had been put on hold until I could complete the interview outlining the benefits of DRM. That’s coming along well, and should be resolved over the following weeks. It’s funny how things turn out - I spent a straight 24/7 week of editing to complete the initial beta of the film, only to end up having the final version take a few months to finish off.

In other news, my job has been somewhat demanding as of late. Celsius Studios is great, but it doesn’t fund itself. And on the job side of things, I’ve worked 167 hours over the last two weeks. 167 hours. 83 hour weeks. Fun. If I haven't replied to your email yet - this is why. Things should be getting better in the upcoming week.

Apart from that, I was interviewed by Binary Revolution Radio (Episode 152). Oh - and this site is approaching the 100,000 unique visits mark. Good times.

For more up-to-date information, check out my blog!

Update June 7th: Anyone know pro-DRM associations?
Well, I've been insisting that I need to do one last interview: one highlighting the benefits of DRM. The thing is, I've been in contact with 5 corporations that have benefited alot on the topic - online subscription music services, online movie rental services, makers of DRM products. However, none of them have returned my calls requesting telephone interviews.

So I throw out this plea to the community: if you know of any pro-DRM association that would be willing to discuss the issue, please shoot me off an 
email. Apart from that, I've been taking a sabatical over the last few weeks to clear my head. I need to step away from this project, breathe, and step back in with a fresh outlook.

In other news, the Bittorrent links are back up. Last I checked, there were still a few seeders out there. I have to say that you've been an awesome community of support. From telephone calls I've received with fruitful advice, to the many subbers, to the people that keep on seeding - thank you from the bottom of my heart. I mean it.

No word on when I expect v.1.0 to be out. I'm not sure myself - it depends on when I get this last interview done.

update since june 7th: torrent links are down again. drats.

Update May 31st: BIttorrent links down...
The bittorrent link/trackers for this documentary are down: Earlier today, the Swedish police raided the offices of my bittorrent host (ThePirateBay), and seized their servers. I'll hold off finding a substitute until v1.0 of the documentary is out. More info on the raids here.

Update May 30th: What's up with the Piracy Doc
Thank you all for your advice on how to improve the audiovisual quality of the film. Over the next two days (my days off), I will try to accomplish the following tasks: set up interviews that go into the positive benefits of DRMs, and start a crazy editing binge.

I've reviewed the movie, making notes of technical fixes. I'll go through it all again, this time to see what I need to cut down or inject with a bit more life. I also have two other projects on the backburner stage, which will remain as such until this film is fully completed. Expect the final 1.0 release w/ the 1.0 DVD ISO to be out by at the very latest July 1st.

Update May 24th: Call for your Expertise.
First off - thanks to the additional people that offered to translate the movie into new languages. I now have German, Norwegian, Slovak, French, Italian, Danish and Finnish. E-Mail me if you want to translate the movie into your language!

I've been going over the current movie build. The audio is still somewhat shabby at times. I've thus released the "crappy audio pack", which contains MP3s of the most awful sounding raw audio. I encourage those of you who have expertise in audio cleanup to give these files a try, and see if you can improve them any. If you can, you will have my eternal thanks.

Download the "crappy audio pack" here.  (27MB)

Furthermore, if anyone has any advice on how to cleanup the following video shots, I'm all ears. With the cineplex interview (the first photo), you'll notice that there's lots of noise. Any tips on cleaning that up? For the second photo... well... any suggestions? Keep in mind that I use Premiere/After Effects. Cheers to all of you for your kind support :D

Update May 21st: "On Piracy" Documentary Pre-Release Version 0.8 Now Out!
Yep, you heard right. The new pre-release is out, and available for download. All those who have donated thus far are included in the end credits. My main concern right now are the graphics - namely the lack of them. If you have ideas as to what I can add where in that respect, feel free to email me.

Update May 21st: Just what is going on?
Well, I've decided to release another pre-release version instead of a "final" version. This is to allow for criticisms and improvements to the video itself, and leaves me room to gather one final interview before the film is "set in stone". I'm calling it Pre-Release Version 0.8, and its coming out on the morning of May 22nd.  Thank you for the offers of translating subs - right now I have people offering to translate the film into German, Norwegian, Slovak, and French. If you have a language that's not on there and that you want to add, please 
send me an email

In other news, I got interviewed by Slyck the other day. You can grab the full interview here.
Also, cheers to the guy that called me yesterday. Quite unexpected. ^_^

For more up-to-date information, check out my blog!

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